This September, daring readers will be treated to an all new collection of the most bizarre, incredible, and amazing true stories from around the world. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Dare to Look! is the latest edition of the bestselling annual series from Ripley Publishing. With thousands of true-yet-unbelievable facts and stories, as well as hundreds of full-color photos, this title is sure to fill readers with wonder and astonishment.

Additionally, readers can access exclusive bonus content through the oddSCAN™ function of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! App.

For instance, by scanning an image of Puggy – a Pekingese from Texas with a remarkably long tongue – readers will be treated to a special video of Puggy lapping up some ice cream. Stories literally come to life – if readers Dare to Look!

With its bright green foil and striking lenticular, the cover of Dare to Look! is certain to catch the eye while the incredible content within makes the book impossible to put down. Ripley’s fans of all ages will enjoy learning about perilous near-miss accidents, extreme daredevils, unbelievable artwork, fantastic sports feats, and much more! Even the most reluctant readers will find themselves captivated. Examples of some of the curiosities contained within include:

  • Kelvin Mercado’s record breaking feat of pinning 161 clothes pegs to his face
  • The biggest collection of dummies that readers will ever see – it’s an eight-page gatefold on the history of ventriloquists!
  • Artist Ian Cook’s remarkable paintings made with remote control cars
  • Farmer Hung and his traffic-stopping herd of 5,000 ducks
  • Oscar the incredible traveling dog that has traveled to over 30 countries in the past three years

Ripley’s Entertainment is proud to announce that our latest annual Dare To Look! has been chosen as a 2013 Parent’s Choice Award Winner! Dare To Look! won in the ‘Fun Stuff’ category, and we couldn’t be more proud and excited!

Dare to Look! is the perfect gift for curious minds, thrill seekers, and anyone interested in exploring the world of the extraordinary.

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